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This site hosts a collection of Severus Snape graphics made by me over the years that I've orginally posted at my swanboat_icons community at Livejournal.

All the graphics are free for you to take and use, no need to ask. :) However, a link back to this site is greatly appreciated if you decide to take something - or alternatively, you can credit swanboat_icons.
Please also note that hotlinking images is disabled on this server, so save everything to your own space.


25th of June, 2008
A small bunch of new icons added.

17th of December, 2007
New icons in several categories, including holiday icons for Christmas.

20th of September, 2007
New icons in several categories, one new wallpaper.

14th of August, 2007
Archive opened.

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Severus Snape graphics archive is an unofficial Harry Potter fan site made by Nerwen